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1 hour consultation

Our process

Here’s what you can expect from us throughout the building process.  We are ready to listen to your ideas and aspirations for your building project and point you in the right direction to ensure your vision aligns to your budget.  So please get in touch and we can get you started on your exciting new project today.

Initial contact

The first step is making contact with us and sharing your plans for your project.  We’ll also get you to fill out our questionnaire, which will give us some information to better understand what you are hoping to achieve. We will get a general idea of what you are intending to do and where to go from here. This step takes 10 minutes but can save us much more time further down the track as we’ll best know how to assist you. We can then book you in for a free consultation with Rob.


We’d love to know all about your visions and aspirations for your project. During this no obligation consultation with Rob we will cover all the important topics including timeframes, consents, budget, project management and materials. We follow our Client Meeting Checklist to ensure everything important is covered and we stick to our timeframe. You’ll need to tell us all about your wants, needs and investment expectations so we can all be on the same page as we begin the process of making your dream home a reality. This a great time to meet on site, if you’ve already had plans drawn up, it would be ideal to bring your architect along too.  Alternatively we can come to your home at a convenient time and go over everything with you.  It is important that all people making decisions for your project are present for this meeting.

Rob Goodhand

Rob Goodhand



If you don’t have any drawings, we can introduce you to some of the architects we work with, helping you find the one who would best bring your vision into plans. Alternatively you may prefer to choose from our selection of architecturally designed plans, that can cater for a range of different sites. We can work together with you and our draughtsman to adapt these to suit your personal needs and your site.  Taking time to get this step right can save time and money later on. It is essential you have plenty of discussion amongst yourselves, with your designer, and with us the builder. We have plenty of practical advice on what does and doesn’t work over years of experience building peoples dream homes in all conditions and cultures. Check out Rob’s Meet the Director to learn more.

Working drawings

Once you have a completed set of working drawings and documents you will be able to apply for building consent and offer your plans to us for pricing.


When you are happy with your plans and necessary documentation we will price them and provide you with a detailed quote. We use our own comprehensive pricing process/template to ensure your quote covers everything required for the build. At this stage we will meet up and walk through all aspects of the quote, explaining it in detail and answering any queries you may have. You will also be provided with a job schedule and start and finish dates.


Once you have approved our quote, we will provide you with a our own Building Contract and a copy of our comprehensive Halo 10 year guarantee.  All documents will be signed including the set of working drawings approved by your local building authority/council. We’ll also provide you with our disclosure statement, details of our trusted, hand-picked sub-contractors working with us on your project and details of our insurance for your complete peace of mind.

Project progression

Communication is key – we will be in regular contact with you, your architect and our sub-contractors to ensure your build flows seamlessly and in a timely manner. We will update the job schedule on a regular basis and make it available to you so you are kept informed of all progress. Weekly emails will include photos to give you an insight into progress on site. Regular site meetings are also essential and give you an opportunity to see your project come to life and enable you to address any queries you may have with your build in person. There will be a Hazard Co Site Specific Safety Plan operating on site at all times.


After final inspection has been completed, we’ll take the time to walk around your home with you and ensure you are happy with your completed house. We’ll issue you with the Code of Compliance, Ten year Halo Guarantee and any warranties relating to your build.

The time has come to shake hands and hand over the keys to your beautiful, new and professionally cleaned home. 


As members of Certified Builders and being Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) you can rest easy knowing your home is being built professionally by trade qualified builders.

About us

Our passion lies in building well-designed, architectural homes with a focus on quality, and we have been delivering on that passion since 2015. We endeavour to create an enjoyable build experience for our clients and to leave them with a home they love.

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